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Canadian Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Network - Réseau Canadien de 
  Conservation des Amphibiens et des Reptiles

Legal Protection for Amphibians and Reptiles

Legal protection of amphibians and reptiles varies across the provinces and territories. The following links contain information on regulations and acts which relate to wildlife, focusing on amphibians and reptiles for each province. To keep the focus on reptiles and amphibians, most references to the powers of Wildlife Conservation Officers, ministers and Lieutenant Governors in Council have been omitted. In addition, most of the legislation regarding licenses, fines, and sentencing have also been omitted. This has been done to keep the focus on actual concrete actions which may and/or may not be taken towards amphibians and reptiles. These include hunting, possession, export, and the such.

This has been done to clarify the legislation which pertains to amphibians and reptiles across Canada. If people become interested in the legal element of conservation they may be more inclined to:

  • be aware of local developments and how they may affect amphibian and reptile populations 
  • write letters to local, provincial and federal government to express their views and concerns

The following persons are conservation officers for the purposes of this Act (across Canada) by virtue of their office:

1. A police officer or First Nations Constable appointed under the Police Services Act 
2. A member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police 
3. A game officer designated under the Migratory Birds Convention Act, 1994 
4. A park warden designated under the National Parks Act (Canada), if he or she is acting under the directions of a conservation officer…

Links to these Acts and regulations in their entirety are included with the summaries where available. A few additional links to similar sites have been included.


Province Contact

Prince Edward Island

Gerald MacDougall: Chief of Enforcement
Tel.: (902) 368-4808

Nova Scotia 


Mark Elderkin
Tel.: (902) 679-6219
E-mail: [email protected]

New Brunswick


Brian Jenkins: Manager of Enforcement
Tel.: (506) 453-2488
E-mail: [email protected]





John Johnson: Legislative Specialist
Ministry of Natural Resources Wildlife Section
Tel.: 705-755-1373
E-mail: [email protected]



Gord Graham: Provincial Legislative Specialist for Conservation
Tel.: (204) 945-7749
E-mail: [email protected]


Pat Dunford: Wildlife Enforcement Officer
Tel.: (780) 427-4277

British Columbia

Geoff Swannel: Wildlife Enforcement Officer
Tel.: (250) 387-9760




No summary - No native amphibians or reptiles


No summary

Northwest Territories

No summary


No summary