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Canadian Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Network - Réseau Canadien de 
Conservation des Amphibiens et des Reptiles


This website combines the work of many people and organizations. The board of directors of CARCNET/RÉCCAR would like to express thanks to all of them.

Financial Support:The Canadian Biodiversity Convention Office and the Environment Canada Ecological Monitoring Coordinating Office

Photography: Joël Bonin, Jacques Brisson, David Green, John Mitchell, Michael Oldham, Martin Ouellet, Michael Patrikeev, Larry Powell, Leah Ramsay, David Seburn, Errol Bredin, Michael James, Stan Orchard, Kristiina Ovaska, David Rodrigue, Pamela Rutherford, Carolyn Seburn, Jonathan Wright.Special thanks to Burrito and Darren Boyd.

We gratefully acknowledge the following for their permission to use published photographs or images downloaded from the World Wide Web:
Susan W. Aber, Scott Albert, Brad Alexander, Ryan M. Bolton, Kenneth Bonnell, Patrick Briggs, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Suzanne L. Collins, Mike Cong, Will Cook, Tom Coy, Michael Dorcas, Jeremiah Easter, William Flaxington, James Gerholdt, Hugh Griffith, Tom Gula, Larry Halverson, Dr. Geoffrey Hammerson, Gavin Hanke, James H. Harding, B. M. Horn, Kris Kendell, Ursula Keuper-Bennet, Peter Bennett, Tricia Kimmel, L. K. Leavesley, Markael Luterra, Melissa Mann, Adam Messer, Brian Miller, Brad Moon, Gary Nafis, Dan Nedrelo, Natural Resources Canada (Canadian Forest Service), Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center, Jeffrey Patton, Jason Penney, John Pernetta, Lelle Pettersson, J. Scharosch, Jackson Shedd, Allen B. Sheldon, Jeroen Speybroeck, K. W. Stewart, Henk Wallays, John White, Bev. Wigney, J. D. Willson, Jonathon Wright, Ryan Young

Frog Calls:The majority of the calls were collected and graciously donated by David Green.The Spotted Frog call is courtesy of Cliff Wallis.Carlos Davidson arranged for access to the Red-legged Frog call (recorded by Alejandro Purgue) and the Western Toad call (recorded by Ann and Steve Dunsky)

Distribution Map Data:Francis Cook, David Green. The reptile maps are based primarily on Cook (1984) with revisions based on Russell and Bauer (1993), Bider and Matte (1994) and unpublished maps of the Ontario Herpetofaunal Atlas (1998 versions).

Technical Assistance:Doug Helmer and Chris Philpotts of the North Grenville District High School, Communications Technology Class; Fred Schueler, Biological Checklist of the Kemptville Creek Drainage Basin; the Environment Canada Ecological Monitoring Coordinating Office

Web Design:Chris Philpotts, David Seburn, Rose-Marie van der Hamm, Environment Canada Ecological Monitoring Coordinating Office

Production, Design, Research and Writing:Carolyn Seburn and David Seburn (Seburn Ecological Services)

A number of people contributed to the website by critically evaluating the species accounts, distribution maps and other sections.For volunteering their expertise, we wish to thank the following: Francis Cook, Fred Schueler.

Many of the photographs used in this website are from Amphibians in Decline: Canadian Studies of a Global Problem.We thank the Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles for access to digital copies of these photographs and David Green for assistance in contacting the photographers.

We also thank the herpetologists of Canada for their encouragement, input, and for their research on which this website is based.Without the work of these dedicated scientists and naturalists our understanding of these wonderful creatures would be woefully lacking.