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Canadian Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Network - Réseau Canadien de Conservation des Amphibiens et des Reptiles

Membership Information

Join Us! Receive our newsletter, and keep up with Reptile and Amphibian Conservation in Canada!

Why a Membership Fee? | Membership Benefits | Our Newsletter | How to Join  | Membership Application

Why a Membership Fee?

  • This is an active organization. Each of the board members gives their time freely to make this a great organization. To date, CARCNET has managed to conduct its activities without asking individuals to provide any monetary support. However, in order to be a more self-sufficient conservation group, our board of directors has chosen to establish a membership base.  

  • Membership fees will help to further our goals of promoting research on reptiles and amphibians.  

  • From the membership fee, $2 from the student membership and $4 from non-student membership will be set aside in a fund for a student award for the best paper presented at our annual meeting.  Please see our Awards page for more information.

  • Your membership will also support the publication and mailing of our newsletter The Boreal Dip Net which provides information about herpetology and reptile and amphibian conservation in Canada.

  • Our membership fee is only $10 for students and $20 for non-students.

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Membership Benefits:

  • Newsletter: As a member you will receive our newsletter titled The Boreal Dip Net.  Please contact us if you are interested in contributing an article to the Boreal Dip Net. 

    Feel free to take a look at our one of our previous newsletters, download as a pdf file.  
    The Boreal Dip Net - Winter 2000 
    (You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader - Download Adobe)

  • Annual Meeting: With membership you will get a significant discount for the registration to our annual meeting, and for our t-shirts. 

  • Registered Charity: We have been in existence as registered charity (Charitable Reg. No. 88078-1562-RR0001) since 1997. A tax receipt will be issued for all donations over $10.00.

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How to Join:
Please fill out the membership application and send it, along with your membership fee ($10 for  students and $20 for non-students), to our treasurer: