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Canadian Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Network - Réseau Canadien de Conservation des Amphibiens et des Reptiles

Online Abstract Submission for CARCNET Annual Meeting 2002

Presentations and posters for CARCNET sessions are open to all aspects of the conservation biology of amphibians and reptiles and herpetological research (e.g.: population and metapopulation dynamics, genetics, diseases, commercial harvest, status assessment and recovery plans, monitoring, habitat protection, etc.). Presentations on public education projects and ethics are also welcome.

Instructions For Submitting Abstracts

Abstracts should be 350 words or less, 10 point font.  The abstract should have an unambiguous title, include only essential details, and should state the main results and conclusions of the paper.  Authors should be listed before addresses.  Please be sure your abstract is clear and error-free. We will not second-guess the author(s) by attempting to correct errors in grammar, spelling or content. Abstracts will be published as received.  

Abstracts can be submitted:
  • On an IBM-compatible diskette using WordPerfect, Microsoft Word or compatible software
    Please submit to:
    David Cunnington, Parks Canada, Western Canada Service Centre, 145 McDermot Avenue
    Winnipeg, MB, R3B 0R9, Tel: (204) 984-2416
  • As an e-mail attachment to: d[email protected]
  • Using the online form below

Abstract Submission Form:

Author presenting paper is:
Affiliation and address:
Type of presentation:
[The format for CARCNET talks is 15 minutes including questions]
Audio visual equipment required:

Please Note: Abstracts received after August 30th might not be printed in the Conference Proceedings.


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