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Canadian Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Network - Réseau Canadien de Conservation des Amphibiens et des Reptiles

AGENDA   Annual Meeting 2000

Penticton Trade & Convention Centre, Penticton, British Columbia September 22-25, 2000

Thursday September 21
1900 - 2130Closed meeting of Board of Directors
Friday September 22
0730 - 0845Registration
0845 - 0915Welcome to Annual Meeting of CARCNET
Larry Halverson, Christine Bishop
0915 - 1000Introduction to the South Okanagan
Guest speakers
1000 - 1030Break
1030 - 1200Volunteer Monitoring Symposium
Brian Craig, Ecological Monitoring and Assessment Network
Presentations by Laura Friis, Lisa Takats, Andy Didiuk, Diana Teal, Christine Bishop
1200 - 1400Lunch/discussion group meetings
1400 - 1415Designing a long-term aquatic-breeding amphibian monitoring program for a forestry company
Elke Wind
1415 - 1430The snake fauna of British Columbia - what we know, in general
Patrick T. Gregory
1430 - 1445A review of the status of herptile management in Ontario's National Parks
Freya Nales
1445 - 1500Three patterns of seasonal movement among Eastern Ontario Rana
Frederick W. Schueler
1500 - 1515Phylogeographic analysis of Ambystoma macrodactylum: post-glacial tracks and resultant genetic diversity
M.D. Thompson and A.P. Russell
1515 - 1545Break
1545 - 1600Variation in spatial and temporal dynamics between sub-populations of marbled salamanders (Ambystoma opacum) at the northern limits of their distribution
Christopher L. Jenkins
1600 - 1615Environment Canada's South Okanagan - Similkameen Conservation Program and First Step Projects under the Habitat Stewardship Program
Christine Bishop
1615 - 1630Amphibians associated with forest streams of the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains, central Alberta.
C. E. Stevens and C. A. Paszkowski
1630 - 1645Interactions between amphibians and fish in Alberta's boreal forest: influence of fish on amphibian abundance
Brian Eaton, Cynthia Paszkowski, William Tonn, and Tracy Gartner
1645 - 1700Behavioral response of larval Oregon spotted frog (Rana pretiosa) and red-legged frog (Rana aurora) to the presence of larval odonates (Aeshna palmata)
Heidy Peterson and John S. Richardson
1930Evening Mixer
Hillside Estate winery
Great Canadian Herp Quiz

Christine Bishop and Martin Ouellet
Saturday September 23
Wetland loss and connectivity and the conservation of reptiles and amphibians in North America

James P. Gibbs
1000 - 1030Break
1030 - 1200Wastelands no more: conserving wetlands for herpetofauna
Elke Wind
Clayoquot Sound amphibian inventory
Barbara Beasley
Patterns of forest harvesting and the protection of amphibian habitat in the western boreal forest
C. A. Paszkowski & B. R. Eaton
The tiger salamander (Ambystoma tigrinum melanostictum) in BC: an amphibian in an endangered desert environment
John S. Richardson and Walter Klenner
1200 - 1400Lunch / Important Reptile and Amphibian Area discussions
1400 - 1415The effect of lindane on tadpole growth and development: an outdoor microcosm study
K.C. Serben and D.J. Forsyth
1415 - 1430Multiple stressor effects in amphibians: herbicide/pH interaction
Andrea N. Edginton
1430 - 1445The environmental estrogen octylphenol (OP) and UV-B radiation disrupts normal somatic development and hypothalamic gene expression in the leopard frog (Rana pipiens)
D. Crump, D. Lean and V. L. Trudeau
1445 - 1500Tolerance of the green anole (Anolis carolinensis) to ultraviolet radiation-induced immunosuppression
R. B. Cope and D. L. Fabacher
1500 - 1515Group photograph with Ogopogo
1515 - 1545Break
1545 - 1600Sensitization-dependent skin swelling responses to topical 2,4-dinitro-1-fluorobenzene in the green anole (Anolis carolinensis; Polychridae)
Rhian B Cope
1600 - 1615Assessing the survivorship and occurrence of deformities in the common snapping turtle, Chelydra serpentina serpentina, along a gradient of industrially contaminated sites
Sara L. Ashpole, C.A. Bishop, R.J. Brooks
1615 - 1630Bacterial and fungal disease in adult anurans of Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario
Sarah J. Swanson, Phil Byrnne and Ronald J. Brooks
1630 - 1645Traumatic injuries in spiny softshell turtles (Apalone spinifera) from the Lake Champlain basin
Blessures traumatiques chez la tortue-molle à épines (Apalone spinifera) dans le bassin du Lac Champlain

Patrick Galois and Martin Ouellet
1645 - 1700Dystrophic calcification in the tail fins of northern leopard frog (Rana pipiens) tadpoles raised in an outdoor enclosure in eastern Ontario
Tana McDaniel, Philip Byrne, Doug Campbell, Christine Bishop
Sunday September 24
Beyond the pond: terrestrial and landscape ecology of aquatic-breeding amphibians

Betsie B. Rothermel and Raymond D. Semlitsch
1000 - 1030Break
1030 - 1045Status of the northern leopard frog in the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area, British Columbia
Heather L. Waye
1045 - 1100Status, biology and recovery planning activities for the Oregon spotted frog (Rana pretiosa)
Russ Haycock
1100 - 1115Risk assessment for conservation under ecological uncertainty: a case study using tailed frogs in B.C.
Glenn Sutherland
1115 - 1130Northern Ontario Ducks Unlimited marshes: refugia for leopard frogs?
Frederick W. Schueler and Aleta Karstad
1130 - 1230Poster Session
1230 - 1400Lunch Break
1400 - 1415The BC Wildlife Federation's wetland education projects
Patrick McGuiness
1415 - 1430Vancouver Island Highway Project impacts on amphibians and potentialmitigation.
Don Blood
1430 - 1445Effects of clear-cut timber harvest on movement patterns of tailed frogs in southwestern British Columbia
Brent M.Matsuda and John S. Richardson
1445 - 1500The proximate response of terrestrial salamanders to forest harvesting
Katherine A. Maxcy
1500 - 1515Conservation efforts on the western rattlesnake and Great Basin gopher snake in the Thompson-Nicola region of British Columbia
Karl W. Larsen, Nadine Bertram, and John Surgenor
1515 - 1545Break
1545 - 1700CARCNET Business meeting
* Scholarship award for amphibian conservation research. Digital Frog International and CARCNET ($500.00)
* Best Student Paper award at the conference. CARCNET ($250.00)
 Monday, September 25

Meet at Sandman Inn for departure.

Visit White Lake (home to tiger salamanders), the Vaseux Lake Wildlife Refuge (home to many reptile species such as painted turtles, racers, gopher snakes, rattlesnakes, and the elusive night snake, as well as birds, bats, mountain sheep and others), wildlife management areas and ecological reserves, and even a winery. Detailed itinerary at registration.

Bring sturdy shoes, long pants, binoculars, drinking water, and a camera!

Agenda in PDF format   Get Acrobat


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