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B.C. to Ban Hunt of Grizzlies for Trophy

Hunters will be able to hunt down grizzlies in British Columbia for the last time this season as a ban has been proposed by the NDP. B.C. will move towards a complete ban on the killing of grizzly bears for trophies in the Great Bear Rainforest starting from November 30 this year.

Doug Donaldson, the Natural Resource Operations Minister said that the move was based more on public opinion than the consideration of grizzlies being wiped out. According to the government, around 15,000 grizzlies live in the B.C area out of which 250 are killed by hunters each year. Out of them, 170 are shot down by local hunters while 80 are killed by outside hunters.

According to Donaldson, the people of B.C. have come to the conclusion that killing of grizzly bears not socially acceptable in the province in this age. The placeholder government that was in place for 4 months delayed the decision on the ban which led to the issuance of hunting permits in June. Some guide outfitters were also given their permits as early as December last year for which the hunting will be on this season. Speaking about entertainments it is not really necessary to cause damage to nature and kill animals. You can have some fun and “get a dose of adrenaline using credible Canadian gambling sources like Valley Games web guide and find thereĀ online casino suitable to your liking thanks to its reviews and guides. (more…)

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Is Canada Failing to Protect its Land and Water?

It is only in recent times that the world population is getting aware of the importance and consequences of nature. Different policies and regulations have been put into action all over the world to protect the environment from the harmful effects of urbanization and industrialization. Yet not all countries seem to take matters seriously and lag in their initiatives to protect the nature. Canadian authorities are trying to protect not only nature and environment, but they also want to make gambling activities more transparent, among which we can highlight Canadian online casino games websites. They mostly have a high level of reliability. (more…)

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