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Key to Families of Snakes

Choose the description that best fits the animal of interest. If none fit go back to step one.

  • A.     Rubbery-looking snake, blunt tail, eyes small with vertical pupil, only found in British Columbia.
  • Boidae (Boas et Pyhons)
    Only one species in Canada: Charina bottae (Boa caoutchouc)
  • B.     Rattlesnakes, head wider than neck, eye with vertical pupil, tail with rattle of one or more buttons.
  • Viperidae (Les Crotalidés)
  • C.     All snakes but the Rubber Boa and rattlesnakes.
  • Colubridae (Colubrid Family) NOTE: Based on genetic and behavioural data, the Colubridae have been split into several families .These are:
    Colubridae - Serpents inoffensifs ovipares
    Natricidae - Serpents inoffensifs vivipares
    Dipsadidae - Serpents minces à crochets postérieurs
    Xenodontidae - Serpents robustes à crochets postérieurs
    These family names are included on the identification pages and species descriptions