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Step 2B

Key to Families of Anura (Frogs and Toads)

Choose the description that best fits the animal of interest.
If none fit go back to step one.

  • A.     vertical pupil, no external eardrum, males have external copulatory organ ("tail"), no dorsolateral ridges, British Columbia only
  • Leiopelmatidae (Tailed Frog Family) - formerly Ascaphidae

  • B.     vertical pupil, small external eardrum, many small warts but no large parotoid glands, one black horny 'spade' under edge of each hind foot, no dorsolateral ridges, Western Canada only
  • Scaphiopodidae (Spadefoot Family)

  • C.     squat, relatively short legs, pupil never vertical, external eardrum, rough warty skin, large parotoid glands, two hard projections on each hind foot, one larger than the other, no dorsolateral ridges
  • Bufonidae (Toad Family)

  • D.     small, slim-waist, relatively long legs, pupil never vertical, external eardrum, may have enlarged toe pads, no parotoid glands, no dorsolateral ridges, no larger than 6 cm body length
  • Hylidae (Treefrog Family)

  • E.     robust body, pupil never vertical, prominent external eardrum, no enlarged toe pads, no parotoid glands, well developed webs on hind feet, may have dorsolateral ridges
  • Ranidae (True Frog Family)