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Amphibians as Fish Bait: Ontario Regulations

Worldwide concern over global declines in amphibian populations is growing. Seventeen species of amphibians have declined in Canada over the last three decades, and in some species the decline has been widespread and very serious.

Effective January 1, 2008, the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources banned the commercial harvest and sale of all bait frog and crayfish species to reduce the rate of amphibian decline and the spread of disease.

Anglers may "capture northern leopard frogs and crayfish for personal use, subject to restrictions on numbers on both types of bait, and restrict the use of crayfish to the waterbody it was captured" (Ontario EBR Registry Number: PB06E6006). An angler may have no more than 12 northern leopard frogs, and no other amphibian species, in his/her possession at any one time.