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Canadian Herpetological Society

Société d'herpétologie du Canada

At the 2013 joint meeting of the Canadian Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Network (CARCNET) and the Canadian Association of Herpetologists (CAH) a motion was passed to merge CAH with CARCNET and to change the name of the organization from CARCNET to the Canadian Herpetological Society (CHS). The CHS website is in development; when it is launched, notice will be given on this site and via email to the members. In the interim, news and events will continue to be announced through the CARCNET webpage. The constitution of the Canadian Herpetological Society can be found through the link below.

This Web Site:
Will tell you about our organization, how you can join, our annual meeting, and the following information about reptiles and amphibians in Canada:

Frog Bullet Identification, distribution, natural history and conservation of Canada's frogs, salamanders, lizards, turtles and snakes
Frog Bullet The species found in your province or anywhere else in Canada
Frog Bullet Research, monitoring and conservation of amphibians and reptiles and how you can help
Frog Bullet A quiz to test your identification skills

Spring Edition of the Canadian Herpetologist
Find it here.

Update: More Meeting Information
The Canadian Herpetological Society is holding its annual meeting in Calgary, AB in September. The early bird registration and abstract submission deadline is August 15, 2014. For more information, visit our current meeting page.
July 22 Update: The transportation, accommodation, and food document has been updated.
August 5 Update: Field trip information has been posted.
Aug 12 Update: Early registration date has changed to August 15.