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Important Amphibian and Reptile Areas

Welcome to the Important Amphibian and Reptile Areas (IMPARA) website.
This site is part of the Canadian Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Network.

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Thank you for taking the time to participate in the Important Amphibian and Reptile Areas Program. To nominate a site as an Important Amphibian and Reptile Area you must complete the Site Nomination Form below. Before doing this, you should read the Important Amphibian and Reptile Areas Site Criteria, and it may be useful to have a printed copy to refer to.

There are two ways to complete the Site Nomination form: you may print a copy of the form using your browser's print function and complete it by hand, or download a rich text format version of the form and complete it on a word processor. Rich text format can be read by both Microsoft Word and Corel WordPerfect. Please send finished forms and all accompanying information, by either regular mail or e-mail, to the IMPARA Coordinator:

Printable Site Nomination Form | Downloadable Site Nomination Form