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Canadian Herpetological Society

Société d'herpétologie du Canada


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Student Presentation Awards

An award for the best student platform presentation and poster is presented at the annual meeting.
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Silver Salamander and Blue Racer Awards

The CARCNET Silver Salamander Award is presented to an individual or an organization in recognition of a specific contribution to the conservation of amphibians and reptiles in Canada.

The CARCNET Blue Racer Award is presented to an individual in recognition of cumulative contributions to research and conservation of amphibians and reptiles Canada. A nomination form for the Blue Racer Award can be downloaded here.

Selection: Recipients will be recommended to the CARCNET Board by an Awards Committee appointed by the Board. Any member of CARCNET may nominate a potential recipient by submitting the name of the individual or organization, along with justification, to the Chair of the Awards Committee. The Awards Committee will consist of three individuals, members in good-standing of CARCNET, appointed by the CARCNET Awards committee members will sit for a period of two years. Awards Committee members may be re-appointed but may sit for not for more than two consecutive terms.

Frequency: Annually, no more than two CARCNET Silver Salamander Awards, and no more than a single CARCNET Blue Racer award may be presented. Although Awards may be presented annually, the CARCNET Awards Committee and Board reserve the right not to present awards should there be no suitable candidates.

Awards Ceremony: Awards will be presented during the CARCNET Annual Meeting.